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Shorah B'biv

Welcome to the EuroMysterium site.

November 18, 2002 - Site Update : No your not imagining it I have updated the site ^_^ The Committee page has been update to show the members of the 2003 EuroMysterium Committee. A location is currently being decided so more news will come soon.I have also added a new Chatroom to the chatroom links. Also I know the links to the News FAQ and Locations pages do not work they need to be uploaded I shall fix the links to redirect you back to this page.

July 2, 2002 - The Complete Guide to Mysterium has been added to the links along with some chatroom links and links to past mysterium pages.

July 1, 2002 - Well hopefully the problem with the dissapearing text should be fixed now. Kerath knows why it was doing that only the links couuld be been and the page title but nothing else. And now i finally have a laptop it means I can do my site updates more often and whilst Im travelling to YEY!! If you are from Europe and wish to submit idea's for EuroMysterium or join the commitee then you can reach us at

June 9, 2002 - The EuroMysterium Logo has been done. Site is progressing slowly, the webiste can only be uploaded during the week whilst I'm at college due to not having the internet at home at the moment. Due to the current problem that has arisen with AOL and Freeserve we arent going to be online for a while now

June 6, 2002 - Site is updated and links are being altered to link to the sites they are ment too. A eM this year seems highly unlikely at this point in time.

May 28th, 2002 - euroMYSTERIUM site went live still in 'newborn' stage but an update is planned and a newish look to coinside with the D'ni jazz club site.

So what is Mysterium?

Well it's a meeting of fans of the popular Myst series.

The previous years have seen mysterium being focused in America (Spokane, Carlsbad and this year in Philiy)A location is looked for an aquired it is here that the fans meet sometimes travelling from all over the states to meet up and converse with each other and with members from the computer companies that made this Myst World what it is. These included Cyan the creators of the Myst world and last year saw members of Presto studios and Ubisoft. This year however sees the birth of EuroMysterium This is the same (more or less) as the mysterium held in the
states but for us fans in Europe. It is still uknown if an actual eM event will take place this year or not that is something that we are looking into. We are hoping the first event will take place in London. So keep checking out this site for new updates and information.


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